Hi! I am herson Rodriguez and here are a few projects i’ve worked on
Acorns Spend Pre-order
For the launch of Acorns Spend account I was tasked to create a pre-order flow that would sign users up for a Spend account as well as customize their Spend card. On launch week we saw 17,000+ pre-orders for Acorns Spend.
Acorns Found Money Chrome extension
This Chrome extension brings the power of Found Money to the web. This is an extremely easy way that brands can invest back to your Acorns account right from the browser. 
Dosh mobile app redesign
Here is a glimpse at some of the redesign that was done to the Dosh consumer app. Dosh wanted to create a more interactive experience for its users while at the same time giving merchants a platform to advertise in a more engaging way.
Staples wanted to redesign their entire printing service site to enhance their UX and increase conversion. As part of this redesign there were over 300+ pages designed in multiple breakpoints ensuring everything is accessible from mobile devices.
Lets Love app
Lets Love is a personal project that helps couples build better relationship by having a list of things their partners want or need. The goal is for this app to help couples build better habits in being more detailed oriented and paying attention to their parters need. There is also an affiliate aspect to this where w can offer people things to get for their partner.
Home focuses the partner by showing 5 cards/things you can do for your partner at any given time.
The “Other things you can do” feed is where people can surprise their partner with something that is not on the list.
When getting a new card we make the experience very joyful. This way you always want to finish other cards to get new ones
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